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Elite Brain Fitness School Nutrition Training

For any and all private, public and home schools. The Elite Brain Fitness School Nutrition Training Event is customized for your specific need at no cost to your school. This free event can be completed virtual or in person. Every participant that attends this event will receive: personalized nutrition coaching, personalized physical fitness guidance, a brain fitness book to lower stress and empowering products to set them up on a path of health success. The event will begin with one of our certified health coaches addressing the group as a whole to discuss the importance of nutrition and brain fitness (stress management). Then, the group will be given the opportunity for one-on-one, personalized nutrition coaching, brain fitness and health programming. Training events can be one all school event or completed classroom by classroom at the teachers scheduling preference.  Since we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit this event is completely free. To apply to have an Elite Brain Fitness School Nutrition Training Event in your area, simply call Elite Brain Fitness at (530) 774-1324 or email to contact a representative. We look forward to being a health blessing to you and yours. 

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